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New Trailer for Extended-er ‘Avatar’ Blu-Ray

Love it or hate it, James Cameron’s Avatar is the most successful movie of all time, with a gross topping 2.7 billion worldwide – nearly a billion more than it’s closest competitor (which was Cameron’s Titanic). The initial Blu-ray release was as bare-bones as they come, but we all knew the special edition was coming. And it’s coming sooner than expected. On November 16th, get ready to hunker down with 3 discs of Avatar, including two versions of the film and about 8 hours (!) of behind the scenes and never before scene footage, including more monsters (yay!). Full specs for both the Blu-ray and standard def DVD are below; you can also check out a trailer that shows off a lot of the new stuff (including a new opening, which I’m most excited about since I thought they went to Pandora way too quickly in the theatrical version).

AVATAR Extended Collection’s Edition: 3-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray: Catalog #: 2271369 (available for the suggested retail price of $54.99 U.S. / $66.99 Canada.)
Disc One



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