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Sigourney Weaver Would Be ‘Surprised’ if ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Didn’t Happen

During our recent interview with the gorgeous Sigourney Weaver (she’s 61!) concerning the October 26th release of the masturbatory Alien Anthology Blu-ray (can’t wait!), talk of Ghostbusters 3 inevitably got worked into the conversation. And in what will surely come as great news to the series’ fanbase, the esteemed actress sounded very, very hopeful that the film – with the involvement of original director Ivan Reitman – will indeed come to fruition. Here’s what she had to say:
I got a call from Ivan Reitman. I think everyone who’s involved would love to get together again. I think everyone’s working on really trying to create a wonderful original story. I just said, ‘That would be fun and please make sure my little son Oscar grows up to be a ghostbuster.’ And he said, ‘Absolutely.’ Then I think he directed this other film and is busy editing it so it kind of got put on hold, but I would be surprised if we didn’t do it.

After the genius Ghostbusters bit with Bill Murray in last year’s hit Zombieland, the demand for this baby is definitely high – so come on guys, let’s make this one happen!



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