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Ex-CHUD Editor Launches New Site: ‘Badass Digest’!

We here at Bloody Disgusting would like to congratulate our friend Devin Faraci and cohorts on their brand new site, BADASS DIGEST. Born from Austin’s legendary Alamo Drafthouse, the writing staff (including Alamo founder Tim League) will be providing daily editorials and news pieces about all things badass. Not just another news site, Faraci says “It’s an extension of the Alamo Drafthouse experience. It’s about being a movie lover but also about having fun.” We at Bloody are also happy to announce that our own BC will be a weekly contributor, adding some of his Horror Movie A Day flair to tie in with the Alamo’s weekly “Terror Tuesdays” series. Read on for a full statement from Devin (horror fans will love what he has in store!), and head on over to the site, which is already jam-packed with content, including a lengthy recap of Stephen King’s legendary train-wreck Maximum Overdrive.

From Devin:

Most of what I did at CHUD was ‘news’ oriented – which usually involved linking to and repurposing news stories that originated elsewhere. I got a scoop or two in my day, but I was never as scoop oriented as Bloody is, or Latino Review. Badass Digest gives me a chance to write broader, and to focus on movies that I love, as opposed to writing 12 updates about THE HOBBIT every week (which isn’t to say you won’t see SOME of that stuff on Badass Digest).

But it isn’t just about movies. What’s great about Badass is that it’s about EVERYTHING I love. In the coming weeks I’m going to be writing a travel piece about a cool Western ghost town, I’ll be mounting a passionate defense of SECRET WARS II and I’ll be working with other writers to deliver some great beer and food related content.

Badass Digest isn’t just a website – it’s an extension of the Alamo Drafthouse experience. It’s about being a movie lover but also about having fun. It’s about embracing the things that we love about movies and spending less time complaining about them (although sometimes a good takedown can be just as much fun as a lovefest. That’s why one of my regular columns is MAKE IT STOP, where I write about the worst of the worst movies ever made).

I’m a huge horror fan, so there will be a lot of horror content. We’ll be inducting new folks into the Badass Hall of Fame on a weekly basis, and you should look for some very recognizable horror names to show up there. I’m also going to be doing a semi-regular feature called ENFRANCHISED, where I’ll watch a movie series from beginning to end. This will be where I finally catch up on the SAW series, which I totally abandoned after the second film.

The main crew right now is me, Roger Erik Tinch, Moises Chiullan and a rotating cast of guests from the Alamo Drafthouse programming team (look for some very cool stuff from Zack Carlson tying into his new book, DESTROY ALL MOVIES, which is the most comprehensive guide to punks in film every published). I’m happy to let the cat out of the bag that Badass is entering a content partnership with Horror Movie A Day, which I think is one of the best sites on the web, and that BC will be bringing horror content to the site on a weekly basis. What will he be writing about? Beats me, I just ask that it be somehow related to horror.

I’m excited for Badass Digest as a website but as something more. As Tim League, CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, starts to bring the chain out of Texas there are a lot of cool opportunities opening up for us. Events, festivals and just good old parties – like Fantastic Fest’s annual 100 Best Kills Party – are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We’re going to have some fun.

Look for BC’s first column next Tuesday! And grats again to Devin, Tim, Henri, Roger, and Moisés on their new endeavor!



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