Genius Behind 'Torque' Releases First (Insane) Still For 'Detention' - Bloody Disgusting
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Genius Behind ‘Torque’ Releases First (Insane) Still For ‘Detention’



Joseph Kahn makes his living – for the most part – off of directing music videos for mainstream artists (Britney Spears, Garbage, U2, etc.), but has graced the silver screen only once with 2004’s Torque. At the time, it seemed like a quick cash-grab to capitalize on the success of The Fast And The Furious and its sequel; and in actuality, that’s REALLY all it was supposed to be, just switching out the cars for bikes. But what it turned out being is the Scary Movie version of Vin Diesel’s calling card, and it’s extremely amusing if you enjoy terrible movies. Kahn just released a still from his horror debut, Detention, which features a character called Cinderhella. Check after the break to see the Silent Hill-like character, who will hopefully kill Dane Cook in the first five minutes.


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