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Best Week Ever For Terrible Movies: Uwe Boll Announces ‘Blubberella’

During what could possibly be the best week ever for so-bad-it’s-good film news, Uwe Boll has announced his new masterpiece, which will be tackling the superhero genre. Entitled Blubberella, the film follows an obese samurai superhero. Little else is known about the film except for the pitch – “The first female fat superhero … She will kick major ass – with her major ass … All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!” – and the American Film Market poster, which you can see beyond the break. Boll got a few belly laughs out of me with his last intentional comedy, Postal, so color me intrigued. I’m really curious as to what his HEAVY handed message will be: Is he preaching tolerance, or poking fun? Considering his “f*** everyone” attitude, it’ll probably be a little of both.



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