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TV: Taylor Hopes to Bring Retooled ‘Night Tales’ to Small Screen

Deon Taylor has yet to impress me, in fact, everything he’s stuck his name on is complete garbage. His latest was the befuddled flop Chain Letter that he somehow snaked into theaters (without anybody knowing, or caring). His next plan is to take his “Night Tales” (“Nite Tales”) franchise to the small screen with executive producer Jamie Foxx. Instead of having Flavor Flav host, they’ll instead cast cheesy hotties Denise Richard and Stacey Dash. The horror anthology is already in production on 26 half-hour episodes, envisioned to split over two seasons. Foxx and Taylor have co-written and co-directed the pilot and several other episodes, with Tom Arnold, Method Man and Jason Mewes among those appearing in different segs. Taylor said the anthology would be a hybrid of “Tales From the Crypt” and “The Twilight Zone.” “Some of them will be very, very horrorfied, and others will be more supernatural,” Taylor said. “But they’re all PG; there won’t be any superbloody things happening to people.” Pass.



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