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‘Ouija’ Flick Summons More Directing Candidates

It’s no secret that Hasbro and Universal have been courting big names for their film projects. With a six-year deal in place, the two mammoth entertainment companies have such flicks in the work as Monopoly (Ridley Scott), Battleship (Peter Berg), and Stretch Armstrong (Rob Letterman), with (a new) Clue and Magic: The Gathering on the short-list of possibilities. Last week, word got out that Taken helmer Pierre Morel is being courted to direct a film based on the slumber party staple, Ouija, but now a few more names have been tossed into the hat. Sources claim that Sylvian White (The Losers) and Scott Stewart (Priest, Legion) are also in talks to direct the action-adventure film, penned by Tron Legacy writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Expect a decision to be made soon, as each director is being offered multiple projects right now.



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