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Halloween Treat #8: Love The ‘Saw’ Theme? Now You Can Sing Along!

The Saw theme, also known as “Hello Zepp” (even though the character is just “Zep” with one ‘p’), has become one of the most memorable horror themes in recent memory, officially hitting the mainstream when they used it for a Tom Cruise movie trailer (Valkyrie). This has not escaped Youtube legend “Goldentusk”, who has made a name for himself by writing lyrics to several classic movie themes, including Jaws, Halloween, and Indiana Jones. Now, just in time for Saw 3D (read our review HERE), he has taken on Charlie Clouser’s awesome theme, adding appropriate lyrics to the familiar notes that usually play at the end of each film over the big twist reveal (“Just in CASE/hide my FACE/always in dis-GUISE!”). I think it’s one of his best yet, and it’s a fun way to help celebrate what may be the final Saw movie’s release. Check below for the video, and visit his YouTube channel for all of his other classics!



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