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AFM ’10: Fresh Sales Art for ‘TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2’

Inside you’ll find a look from Dean Jones’ soon-to-shoot TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2, which will star Brain Krause, Jeffery Combs, Tony Todd, Lance Henriksen, Red West. Picking up directly after the events Tobe Hooper’s 2003 version of The Toolbox Murders; TBK intensifies the terrifying exploration into one of Hollywood’s most twisted and morbid serial killers in the annals of American history. Survivors Nell and Stephen continue their night of Hell as they’re rushed to the nearby Hollywood Memorial hospital. Meanwhile, next-generation , tech-savvy CSI detectives Cole and Barnes coordinate with a hard-nosed, LAPD criminal profiler McGavin to exhume TBK’s modern day tomb and uncover its origins, leading toward a shocking revelation involving old Hollywood’s seedy underground and one doctor’s secret past.



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