Image Ent. Creepily Sends 'Lovely Molly' Baphomet Tablet To My House. I'm Hanging It Up. I'll Regret It, I'm Sure. - Bloody Disgusting
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Image Ent. Creepily Sends ‘Lovely Molly’ Baphomet Tablet To My House. I’m Hanging It Up. I’ll Regret It, I’m Sure.



Owning a massive website has its perks, but flaunting them to our readers doesn’t resonate well with me (humble bragging even pisses me off). But sometimes we do receive some pretty effin’ cool goodies that’s more than a thoughtless squeeze heart or a pen with the film’s logo on it. Occasionally, I stress occasionally, there’s a bit of thought put into the PR. Image Entertainment has gone to great lengths in promoting Lovely Molly, their forthcoming supernatural freak-fest opening in theaters May 18 (you guys better go, or else I’ll use the tablet on you!).

Anyways, this afternoon we received a pretty cool package that came rocking several photos that are extremely relevant to the plot of the Eduardo Sanchez-directed pic, along with an extremely unnerving (if you’re a pussy) Devilish stone plaque rocking horses and Satanic symbolism. Do I dare hang this in my apartment. Uhm, yes.

You can check out the image gallery inside. Here’s my review for the flick that came out of the TIFF last September. Sanchez is the co-director of The Blair Witch Project and the forthcoming Bigfoot horror Exists.


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