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[Live Review] Primus At The Michigan Theater


Just over a week ago, the ever insane and entertaining Primus played in front of a sold out crowd in the historic Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, home of the Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue!). Standing in front of over 1,700 people, Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde, and Jay Lane provided nearly three hours of music, visuals, and more.
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With moody lighting coming from behind, the band looked like frenzied shadow demons writhing and dancing in front of 15ft. tall inflatable astronauts with projected faces. Rocking through a first half that included some of my personal favorites (Jerry Was A Race Car Driver followed by Tommy The Cat), the energy was high and the crowd roared with approval after each song. 
Cue to an intermission that featured three classic Popeye cartoons. Definitely one of the better ways to give the band a rest and not allow the crowd to get bored, the cartoons had the crowd laughing and engaged. My personal favorite was, quite obviously, Shiver Me Timbers, where Popeye, Olive, and Wimpy stumble upon a haunted ghost ship.
After the intermission, the band returned to the stage to perform their latest album, Green Naugahyde, in its entirety. While the album is a lot of fun, the second half of the show seemed to lose some of the energy and excitement the first half had. While still visually beautiful and engaging, the songs didn’t hit as hard or get the crowd as pumped up. Rather, the second half seemed more like a jam band getting the crowd almost high on music. Oh, speaking of that, those of you who sneakily smoke pot during a show? Knock it off. The last thing I want is your skunky, nasty smoke invading my nostrils while I’m trying to have a good time.
Overall, Primus put on one hell of a show that captivated the audience both musically as well as personally. While the second half didn’t hold me as well as the first half, it still surpassed what most bands dish out over their entire show. 




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