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[Original] Six ‘WTF’ Music Videos

Over the years there have been music videos that have made us feel shock, awe, amusement, fear, and pretty much any other emotion under the sun. But the ones that are my favorite picks are the ones that make me question what the hell I just watched. So, I put together several videos that made me laugh (or cringe) from the sheer absurdity and insanity. 
Check ’em out and let me know which videos made you go “WTF!”.

1) Jozin z BazinPolskie Napisy
Watch this and tell me that you didn’t say “What. The. Eff.” as least once. If you didn’t say it even a single time, you’ve seen more f*cked up things in life than I have and I am not jealous in the slightest.
2) Kyary Pamyu PamyuPon Pon Pon
This must be what it is like to be on acid. A lot of acid. Like, way too much acid. As in call the paramedics because every bird in the sky is a harbinger of death coming for you.
3) SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun
The random and terrifying images in this video that bombarded me gave me nightmares as a child. Seriously, what were they thinking when they put this video together?
4) Electric SixHigh Voltage
I have trouble looking at moose after this video. That’s all I’m going to say.
5) Eduard KhilTrololo
Although it has become an Internet meme, this video still has to make you wonder what exactly is going on? With some obvious lip-syncing going on, the faces that Eduard Khil makes are what really make me wonder what is going on in his mind…creepy things…terrible things… The fact that my father listened to this guy while growing up probably explains a lot of things.
6) ToolVicarious
Tool videos are always visual feasts. Full of terrifying yet beautiful imagery, Vicarious is no different. However, it definitely upped the “WTF” element. Don’t believe me? Watch and see for yourself.



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