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[Review] Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark OST

I couldn’t think of a more perfect day to sit back and listen to a horror movie soundtrack: It’s completely overcast, a slight drizzle pattering down upon the trees whose leaves are already starting to change colors for Fall. All noise is muted, the birds quiet as they attempt to stay dry, the wind strangely soft and gentle. I hit ‘Play’ and allowed Marco Beltrami’s score for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark to fill my ears as I gazed out the window, watching everything but seeing nothing.


Starting with Gramophone Lullaby, there was an immediate sense of the 20’s, 30’s before the production changed and became more modern. This was done with graceful ease and began the album beautifully. Afterwards, the main titles slammed in frantically, laced with rhythmic pounding. The combination of these two tracks set the tone that I was meant to hear: beautiful terror. 
The album sounds lush and rich although there were a few times that I had to struggle to hear some instruments set in the background. Beltrami makes full use of the orchestra and finds ways to add in other sounds, such as footsteps and children’s instruments. With so many layers, another quick run through of the mix probably would’ve cleared up any volume issues. 
A personal favorite track is Lamb Lamp Lambency, which starts off much like a music box lullaby before suddenly becoming something far more sinister. 
The Final Word: Although the soundtrack never scared me, it still spoke to the horror lover inside. I found myself enjoying every moment of the soundtrack and this will definitely be an album I come back to on a dark and stormy night.



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