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Remedy Lets Loose In This New American Nightmare Dev Diary

Earlier this week we learned more about the upcoming Alan Wake’s American Nightmare through the first in a series of developer diaries for the game. Today we’re introduced to the mood, inspirations, and story, and it’s all looking incredibly cool. What I’m most excited about American Nightmare is Remedy’s willingness to try something different with the series. In many ways this is going to look, play, and feel like an Alan Wake game should, but the mood, atmosphere, and story are all going to be much different.

I love the idea that Alan Wake wrote several episodes of Night Springs, the Twilight Zone inspired TV show from the first game, so you’re playing through an episode that Wake wrote. This also means that if American Nightmare does well, we could get more episodes in the future. The game releases on XBLA on Feb 22, check out the new dev diary after the break.



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