Answer the Call of the 'Siren's Song' in This 'Resident Evil' Fan Film - Bloody Disgusting
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Answer the Call of the ‘Siren’s Song’ in This ‘Resident Evil’ Fan Film



There have been some pretty awesome fan films for games over the years and the best examples usually capture something about the source material in question. It’s fair to say this Resident Evil fan film captures plenty of the series’ qualities.

This short film, titled ‘Siren’s Song’ follows S.T.A.R.S. operatives investigating a Umbrella ship to uncover another sinister wrongdoing by the nefarious pharmaceutical company. It’s set after the Spencer Mansion incident of the first game, and features plenty of undead in its 24-minute runtime.

The fan film was created by Most Awesome Sauce and Superhuman Films and features actors portraying series stalwarts Jill Valentine, Hunk, and Police Chief Brian Irons. There’s also a few Resi Easter Eggs snuck in there, including a fun post-credits scene, and a game-aping opening.

It’s a nice reminder of the melodramatic origins of the Resident Evil series, and certainly has some neat moments to it. If that’s not enough to satiate your Resi appetite, we’ll have plenty of survival horror articles ahead of our review for Resident Evil 2 Remake later this month




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