Verizon Teams With Fox For ‘Prometheus’ Mini-Game & 19 New Images!

  • Klepto4

    Do you know I counted to 46 really slowly before this page loaded up. BD you are crippling me IE8 browser. Seriously though I could put up with the drag the last website gave me, but this is just horrible to get around. Anyone else having difficulties

  • John Marrone

    Its been slow in the past, but Im using Firefox – loaded up quick. All I have to say is you’re right. VERIZON SUCKS and is a monster that needs to be slain.

  • djblack1313

    Klepto4, i’m actually having the opposite thing happen. before this new site change it took my computer at least 1 minute to load BD’s front page up %100 and it froze my computer the entire 1 minute (or however long it took to load up). but with this new design change on BD it now finally loads the way sites are supposed to load! lol. sorry that it’s now happening to you though. i KNOW how frustrating it is. :)