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Get Your Horror Fix On The Go With [REC], Available Now For Android and iOS

A video game based on the crazy terrifying [REC] films is available right now for iOS and Android devices, so if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied during that long commute to work, and during work, because who actually works at work? Just make sure you have a explanation for your boss when you scream and fear-pee yourself after something terrifying happens. If [REC] has even a fraction of the scares the films that inspired it do then it could very well join Dead Space in the pantheon of terrifying mobile games. Head past the break for more info and a launch trailer!

[REC]: The Video Game is a first person shooter similar in style to Condemned. It’s broken into four parts, with each section based on a film in the series. It’s part mystery, part horror, as you try to discover the source of the infection while trying to survive against the hideous creatures the infection created. This game is supposed to be incredibly violent, particularly in the visceral combat, so I suggest giving this to children as gifts. They’ll need to realize how awful this world can be, and if BioShock taught us anything, it’s that you need to know how to wield a wrench. This will help you hone your skills in hand-to-hand combat, and all for a paltry $1.00.

Here’s a synopsis from the official website:

[REC] The videogame is the official game of the popular and acclaimed [REC] horror movies created by Filmax. In this FPS (First Person Shooter) you become the reporter Angela Vidal ([REC]) and a G.E.O.S. soldier ([REC]2) to join the building where strange incidents have been reported to be happening. Hopefully you will be able to discover the mystery around the Medeiros Girl. Complete the 27 missions, clear all the zombies before they infect you, and keep filming, for your fucking mother!

For some reason that trailer makes me want to play House of the Dead.

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