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WWE Wrestler Goldust Becomes ‘The Fire Witch’

There’s nothing that seems more bizarre to me than wrestlers acting, but then I remember that wrestling IS acting – and that Jesse “The Body” Ventura was super-f*cking-awesome in Predator. Still, I can’t get behind the fact that the silly Goldust (Dustin Runnels) will be getting behind the camera for the cheesy sounding The Fire Witch.

Next thanksgiving I will be shooting my first movie….the fire witch…that I will be directing and producing…and will be in it,” he writes on his Twitter page. “Just in the starting stages…..but will let you know more when more is known. It won’t be a wrestling movie….it is a horror film. It will be a low budget film and my very first…..lots of work ahead.

The only passable WWE movie in recent memory is See No Evil. Does Goldust know “scary”? Based on the following picture, I’d have to say “yes”. LOL.



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