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Are Home Invasion Flicks Getting Hot Again? ‘The Replicas’ Casts Up!

I personally never grew tired of home invasion thrillers, and apparently neither has Hollywood. Production is currently underway on The Replicas, which sees music video director Jeremy Regimbal at the helm. Josh Close (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Diary of the Dead), James D’Arcy (An American Haunting), Selma Blair (Hellboy, The Fog) and Rachel Miner (Penny Dreadful, The Butterfly Effect 3, Tooth & Nail) star in the pic that follows a couple that heads with their family to a vacation cottage to grieve after the death of their youngest child. Not long after, they are visited by the Sakowskis, a couple with an unhelpful agenda. Close penned the screenplay.
Pictured: Selma Blair (The Fog)



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