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British Vamp Flick ‘Blood + Roses’ Now on VOD

Blood + Roses, the new British vampire flick from Simon Aitken and Independent Runnings, is now available to rent online.

The story is about Martin (Kane John Scott) and his wife Jane (Marysia Kay) are taking some time off, trying to put the past behind them. But when they get to their holiday cottage, they find that they’re got little love left for each other. Jane attracts the attentions of another man, Seth (Benjamin Green), a vampire who sees something that he wants in Jane. Jane wants it too, but be careful what you wish for…

After one night with Seth, Jane undergoes a painful transformation. A change that gives her more than she ever thought possible. A change that opens her eyes to a conspiracy that has been kept secret from her. But to finalise this transformation, Jane must feed. Can she take a life to secure her own? And how about that delightful husband of hers?

Starring Marysia Kay (Colour Of The Dark, Forest Of The Damned, Scar Crow), Kane John Scott, Benjamin Green and Axelle Carolyn (Centurion, Doomsday). Directed by Simon Aitken (one of the directors of the forthcoming Portmanteau horror, Habeas Corpus) and written by Ben Woodiwiss.

The story craftily twists he conventions of the vampire mythology on its head and delivers a vicious finale. It has been called a potential turning point for vampire films. Blood + Roses is something of a return to the romanticism that was once so intimately intertwined with the vampire mythos.

The film is available to rent from today for $2.99 via the Blood + Roses website. Viewers can pay by Paypal or Amazon Payments and they will have access to the live stream for 3 days.



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