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Horror In Your House: April 17th, 2012

This week the incredibly harsh and graphic post-apocalyptic flick The Divide is out on Blu-ray and DVD. It’s certainly to not for everyone and one might say it will divide audiences, but that would be a bad and obvious pun. Director Xavier Gens, of Frontière(s) notoriety, is also one of the directors who has an ABCs of Death chapter – due out later this year. Other than that it’s a pretty light week. Next week comes The Innkeepers; Ti West and old school horror fans best be saving up their pennies. Don’t forget to visit 365 Horror Movie for more from Micah!

Check out the rest of the releases below.

7 BELOW (Blu-ray / DVD) – Arc Entertainment

A supernatural thriller in the vein of The Ring meets The Grudge with explosive terror and spine-chilling suspense and action about a group of strangers who must ride out a storm while stranded in a foreboding house where they encounter an evil presence. In the midst of a hurricane in 1910, a 10 year-old boy named Sean brutally murdered his mother, father, aunt and two little sisters. Now, Adam (Matt Barr) his brother Isaac (Luke Goss) along with four strangers, McCormick (Val Kilmer) and his wife Brooklyn (Bonnie Somerville), a young Doctor (Christian Baha) and a local girl (Rebecca Da Costa) find themselves trapped in the same home where the murders occurred one hundred years later, after a tour bus accident has left them stranded. Their host, a mysterious loner named Jack (Ving Rhames), has his own personal reasons for wanting the group to remain in his home. As the storm rages outside, strange and horrifying things begin to happen inside! This cinematic thrill ride will keep you on the edge of your seat from the stunning opening to the shocking conclusion!

THE ASPHYX (Blu-ray) (Remastered) – Redemption Films

A philanthropist and amateur psychic researcher embarks on a fateful quest for immortality. Hugo Cunningham (Robert Stephens) has a morbid hobby of taking photographs of dying people, and this leads to his discovery of a nebulous spirit of the dead–known in mythology as the Asphyx–that appears (only visible on photographic plates) at the moment of death. Hugo becomes obsessed with capturing his own Asphyx and thus ensuring that he cannot die, but of course this is an ill-fated ambition that puts him on a ruinous path to destruction and death.

MICAH SAYS: I personally haven’t seen this one, but after reading a very intriguing editorial review I’ve put this on my list.

THE DIVIDE (DVD + Blu-ray) – Anchor Bay

Prepare yourself for the unrated movie experience that critics are calling one of the most graphic and extreme end-of-the-world shockers of our time: As nuclear warheads rain down on Manhattan, nine strangers – including Lauren German (HOSTEL: PART II), Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”), Courtney B. Vance (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”), Ashton Holmes (“Revenge”) and Rosanna Arquette (PULP FICTION) – barricade themselves in their apartment building’s bunker-like basement controlled by the unhinged superintendent (a stunning performance by Michael Biehn of ALIENS and TOMBSTONE). But within days, supplies dwindle, tempers flare and the trapped survivors will be overcome by treachery, madness, sexual torment and savage violence. What follows is intense. It is raw. And it is all brutally, horrifyingly real. This is THE DIVIDE.

MICAH SAYS: Bleak as f*ck. Absolutely no punches are pulled. It’s brutal and makes you hate humanity. I recommend watching happy things involving puppies and lollipops post viewing. PICK OF THE WEEK.

ROBOTROPOLIS – Image Entertainment

Mankind has taken his next big step: a state-of-the-art city called New Town, completely run by robots serving all of humanity’s needs. Reporter Christiane Nouveau (Zoe Naylor, The Reef) and her crew are covering the new breakthrough, but something is about to go horribly wrong when a robot suddenly shoots down an innocent football player. Now a battle for survival has begun as Christiane captures every stunning development in the shocking robot revolution live on camera… recording each moment as our last great hope becomes our worst nightmare. Filled with explosive special effects and relentless action, this chilling sci-fi vision of the future will blow you away!

MICAH SAYS: Why don’t I get screeners for movies like this one? There is no possible way that I won’t like this movie. Robots murdering things are my favorite thing, besides bacon infused everything.


Private Duty Nurses: A trio of beautiful private-duty nurses that practice more than the medical arts must confront underground drug traffickers, racism and murder in their local hospital. Night Call Nurses: Three nurses who work in the psych ward really have their hands full dealing with nutty patients, creepy stalkers, and black revolutionaries. Young Nurses: More young nurses apply special therapy in their daily rounds, as they work against a drug ring operating out of the hospital. Candy Stripe Nurses: Sexy comedy follows the exploits of three volunteer nurses.



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