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Exclusive Preview: ‘Rebel Blood’ #2

Fast, bloody, horrifying, insane, chaotic, and confident, Rebel Blood gives new meaning to zombie fiction. Unlike most undead stories that focus on the horror of humanity, in Rossmo and Link’s wooded zombie world, nothing is safe from the plague. Ravenous wolves, cute puppies, and packs of deer infest the forest area, and Chuck Neville is doing all he can to survive. You probably don’t want to read anything about zombies anymore, but “Rebel Blood” is another beast entirely. Coming from Riley Rossmo, it’s no surprise that the book looks and feels as good as it does. Check out the exclusive six-page preview below from Image Comics.

REBEL BLOOD #2 (of 4)
WRITTEN BY: Alex Link and Riley Rossmo
ART BY: Riley Rossmo
PUBLISHER: Image/Shadowline
RELEASE: April 25
PRICE: $3.50

A mysterious infection is sweeping the land turning animals and people into blood-crazed killers! The food supply is dwindling…and you’re on the menu! How bad can things get? You’re about to find out!



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