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BD Review: ‘In Memorium’ — aka the Film That Beat Out ‘Paranormal Activity’

Receiving a lot of online hype because the concept (and film) pre-date that of Paranormal Activity, we sent new Bloody Disgusting reviewer Brian Orndorf a copy of Amanda Gusack’s In Memorium, which is now available on their official website streaming online. The verdict? Meh. “I’ll give the filmmaker this much: she addresses the topic of simply abandoning the house. However silly the reasoning is to stay, at least the film thinks ahead a few steps. Too bad the same consideration wasn’t offered to the rest of the script, which devolves into cheap shocks, watery bloodletting, and furious door banging, lethargically orchestrated by Gusack. Despite the multiple camera gimmick, In Memorium simply doesn’t capture much excitement or scares.” Click the title for the full review.



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