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[Random Cool] ‘Predator’ Weddings More Popular Than You Might Think!

I’m not sure if this is more “cool” or “weird” (probably the latter) but it definitely got my attention. Yesterday a twitter user named Raymond (@raubrey) shared this picture of a Predator Wedding and it got me thinking, “what kind of people would do something like that?” I mean, I suppose the bride seems into it (or she’s learned to mask her embarrassment at this point). But weddings are super expensive to begin with, how much extra does it cost for a bunch of high quality creature masks?

At any rate, I did some light digging and it didn’t take much to reveal that this isn’t the only Predator wedding shenanigan. I uncovered another photo from this wedding, a Predator grooms cake, and Alien and “PredAlien” wedding cake figurines. But my favorite just might be the engagement photo with the camouflaged hunter stalking the happy couple from amongst the trees.

Head inside for the lunacy.

  • A-Devils-Reject

    That just made my day.

  • killrobot

    They should have covered the bride in mud, or at least had a mud colored dress.

    • EvanDickson


  • St.Anger

    Every wedding has that one cheap ass groomsman.

  • Joe-Banger

    You may now kiss the bride! LOL!

  • Evan3

    Awesome, I love these pics and that is one lucky dude (good sense of humor and she is smoking!).

  • FleshofCaligula