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Meet the ‘Big Bad’ Wolf in New Werewolf Indie

Now in production is a new indie werewolf movie diving deep into practical special effects.

From director Opie Cooper and Eyevox Entertainment comes Big Bad, which stars Cameron Deane Stewart, Ainsley Bailey, and Madeline Thelton.

When the studious Crystal, popular Chase, and charmingly-hapless Donny agree to participate in a lock-in at the old jailhouse as school fundraiser, their night takes an unexpected turn. Their chaperone, a socially awkward science teacher named Mr. Howell, disappears – and suddenly, the teens find themselves stalked by a ravenous beast. Alternating between the lighthearted fun of classic `80s films such as Monster Squad and The Goonies, a thrilling sense of predator-and-prey danger reminiscent of Jaws, and plenty of modern snarky humor, Big Bad is full of scares, sarcasm, and yes, a monster.

Big Bad
Big Bad

Big Bad



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