You Can Now See 'Giallo'! How Lucky Are You?! - Bloody Disgusting
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You Can Now See ‘Giallo’! How Lucky Are You?!



How excited are you guys to learn that you can now see Dario Argento’s absolute disaster of a film, Giallo, his latest thriller blocked from release when star Adrien Brody opened a lawsuit claiming he was lied to. Brody, who in November got a federal judge to block the release of the thriller after the court found he was owed $640,000, has reached a settlement with the film’s backers. Three Seven Entertainment, Giallo Productions and Hannibal Pictures can now see the film get a DVD release from its U.S. distributor, Maya Entertainment, reports Deadline. Brody plays an FBI agent hunting a serial killer in Italy, and objected to his face being used on the DVD release and the film was stuck in limbo until he was paid. Go forth and enjoy! Muahahahahahha.


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