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A Blast From The Past Silent Hill: HD Collection Trailer That Will Leave A Wet Spot Under You

March 20th is so close yet so far. March 13th however is Silent Hill: Downpours release. That can tide one over until they get there hands on the HD Collection which features Silent Hill 2 and 3 made up all pretty in HD, and for only 40 bucks. Check out this short but memory bringing teaser below.

I’m a big fan of Amazon lately because they offer money back bonuses on lots of games. If you pre-order Silent Hill: HD Collection you get 5 dollars off the purchase of Book Of Memories or Downpour. If you pre-order Book Of Memories you get 5 dollars off the purchase of Silent Hill: HD Collection or Downpour. If you pre order Downpour, you get 10 dollars worth of Amazon credit. It’s a win win.



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