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Confused? A Clear Understanding of ‘After Dark Originals’

It’s come to my attention that many of you are confused, and this is even reflected through other websites who continue to misreport release plans for After Dark Originals, the new line of product from After Dark Films. Sh*t, I started to get confused.

When you plan on releasing 8 films, it’s an incredibly tough task to promote them all without scrambling the brains of the recipient — then mixing in the news of individual releases at a later date makes it even more confusing. Instead of posting the latest press release, we figured it might make a lot more sense to give you a simple explanation of what the plan is. Ready?

A: Arriving in very limited theaters this Friday (tomorrow): Prowl, Fertile Ground, The Task, Seconds Apart and Husk. You will only be able to see 5 movies in theaters this weekend. Visit the film’s official website for listings and ticket info.

B: A pair of the 8 films were co-produced by SyFy. Both 51 and Scream of the Banshee will be released in theaters at a separate date. The date has yet to be disclosed. It might coincide with the SyFy Channel premiere. The reason for this delay is to release the SyFy productions separately.

C: Valeri Milev’s Re-Kill is now also receiving an individual theatrical release. Speculation is that the film has shown so much promise that it is being pulled from the festival, and will most likely enjoy a wider theatrical release, on it’s own, later this year. This poses one question in my mind: is this the only good film? or is it just the best film?

It’s all very confusing, but hopefully we’ve made it super duper clear. Inside you’ll find details on the FIVE horror films arriving in extremely limited theaters tomorrow. We’ll update you on the other 3 films when dates are officially announced.

PROWL: Amber dreams of escaping her small town and persuades her friends to accompany her apartment-hunting in the big city. When their transportation breaks down, Amber and friends gratefully accept a ride in the back of a semi. But when the driver refuses to stop and they discover the cargo is cartons of blood, they panic. Soon, panic turns to terror when the truck disgorges into a dark, abandoned warehouse where blood-thirsty creatures learn to hunt human prey, which the friends realize is what they have now become…

FERTILE GROUND: Emily and Nate Weaver leave the city for the rural comfort of Nate’s ancestral home in New Hampshire. There, isolated and haunted by inexplicable noises and horrifying visions, Emily discovers she’s pregnant while Nate is possessed by the homicidal spirit of his forbearers. In a house haunted by past victims, Emily learns that she’s the latest target in a murderous tradition.

THE TASK: Something diabolical is taking place on the set of THE TASK, a new reality show in which players complete terrifying missions within the confines of an abandoned prison, hoping to win a hefty cash prize. As six young students explore their new environment, malicious spirits make their presence known in the most gruesome ways imaginable. The contestants become unwitting pawns caught at the centre of a blood-soaked night of terror. Only one girl survives to tell the tale…

SECONDS APART: Judging by their privileged lifestyles, one would never guess that Seth and Jonah are murderous twins who share an evil kinship. Damned from the moment of their births, the brothers possess a gruesome talent for telekinesis – a power they use in the most horrific ways imaginable. As fellow students meet gory fates, the local law enforcement begins to suspect the twins’ connection to the depraved murders. What started as a jealous rage escalates into a supernatural showdown – pitting brother against brother, evil against evil.

HUSK: The story sees five friends on a weekend trip who become stranded in isolated farmland when crows attack their SUV. They soon realize that the cornfields are inhabited by reanimated human scarecrows who reproduce by killing and force their undead victims to join their ranks. Graye plays the brainiac of the group, Thomason is the blue-collar guy, and Chatham is the jock.



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