Several Big Name Directors Interested in 'Dead Island,' We Say "Calm Down" - Bloody Disgusting
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Several Big Name Directors Interested in ‘Dead Island,’ We Say “Calm Down”



Now that I’ve had time to read up on this and think more about it, every single person involved with, or excited about the potential Dead Island feature needs to calm the f*ck down. Talk about jumping the gun. Talk about putting too many eggs in one basket. Don’t get me wrong, the teaser video for the video game was absolutely astounding, but reading multiple stories revealed that the footage didn’t represent the game on any level; not only was there no game play footage, but the game’s actual story doesn’t even reflect the dramatic tease. To put this in Layman’s terms, if I showed you a trailer for Dawn of the Dead, would you be excited to see Day of the Dead: Contagium? Exactly. Bait and switch.

Anyways, the LA Times caught up with Malte Wagener, the Munich-based head of global business development for said publisher — Koch Media and its Deep Silver label — to find out exactly what was happening on the movie front. First, and foremost, neither Union nor Sean Daniel has ever talked to Koch Media. Nobody has feature film rights. There are talks with many studios and financiers, but they want to go big. Lastly, Wagener claims there have been several big name directors who have shown interest.

I seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with Hollywood that when they see a trailer for a generic zombie scene shot in reverse they think it’s “original.” If you want to make a cool zombie flick, hire a cool director. This entire Dead Island extravaganza has me pulling my hair out in frustration. Everybody–STOP. CALM DOWN. PLEASE.


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