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NIN Frontman Trent Reznor to Score and Star in ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’!

I’m still feeling a bit weird saying it out loud: “Trent Reznor, Oscar winner.” The Nine Inch Nails frontman has come a long way since his bout with drugs, depression and writer’s block. A decade after the release of “The Fragile,” Reznor is married, has released a slew of new albums, alongside produced side-projects, and is now an Academy Award winner for his work on David Fincher’s The Social network. F*cking awesome if you’re a fan (which I am).

While I was hoping we’d one day get a new NIN album, Trent Reznor has stated he’s working on a full “How to Destroy Angels” album (thanks to Yoko), while he’s also committed to working with Fincher again on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Add one more to the list as Reznor will reteam with Atticus Ross to orchestrate the score for Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, reports BadassDigest.

Even cooler is that the site claims Reznor will also “be appearing as the vampire who kills Lincoln’s mom, as well!”

In theaters June 22, the story revolves around the president’s quest to rid the world of vampires, presented as part of the conflict behind the Civil War.



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