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SXSW ’11 REVIEW: ‘The Divide’ is “Terrifying and Bleak”

Earlier this week Anchor Bay pulled out the check book and spent over a million bucks on Frontier(s) director Xavier Gens’ The Divide, a tense post-apocalyptic thriller that takes to a NYC bunker where a group of apartment tenants fight to stay alive.

‘The Divide’ is a terrifying and bleak vision of the future whose performances and images will stick with you for days after you watch it. Gens’ direction and Laurent Barès cinematography create a moody, claustrophobic atmosphere that never feels stale despite its closed-quarters setting. The tone is vile and the characters devolve into sickening states of being, but the reality-based approach to Gens’ end of days makes for one of the best apocalyptic tales in quite a while.

You’ll find the full review by clicking here, while you can keep up with all of our SXSW coverage here.

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