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SXSW ’11 REVIEW: ‘Detention’ Melts David Harley’s Brain

After the SXSW premiere last week, the reviews online for Joseph Kahn’s Detention have been nothing short of brutal, but not everyone agrees.

Bloody Disgusting’s David Harley takes a different perspective, having a blast during Kahn’s mind-melter the follows a downtrodden 17-year-old girl who is sent to detention where she must survive a slasher film killer and save the world in time for prom.

‘Detention’ can be best appreciated as a live-action cartoon, and is more energetic and fun than the last couple of ‘Scary Movie’ sequels. It isn’t really a middle-of-the-road sort of film; you’re either going to really love the ridiculous fast-paced nature of this horror-sci-fi-comedy or you’ll really despise Kahn’s self-indulgence and his attempt to bombard you with more than you can mentally process in one sitting. There’s a lot to like that I didn’t mention because I feel saying much more than I already have will ruin how insane the film is. Despite being a mess, ‘Detention’ is mesmerizing and something you definitely won’t be able to take yours eyes off of.

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