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TV: New ‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Just As Embarassing

I truly, honestly don’t understand “remaking” something if you’re going to completely butcher it tonally. For example, it’s OK if you take George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and then let Zack Snyder put his own spin on it, but why would you do something drastically different if you’re attempting to appeal to the fans of the original?

MTV is gearing up for their premiere of “Teen Wolf” on June 5, their dead-serious, Twilight-esque, ridiculously trite version of the ’80s coming-of-age comedy starring Michael J. Fox as a lovable teen who becomes wolf after puberty.

While we’ve already chastised the leaked trailer late last year, this evening brings the “official promo” rocking all sorts of embarrassing footage. I guess Lacrosse is cooler than basketball? Hellz no!



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