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Slow Burn Zombie Tale ‘Maggie’ Back on the Auction Bock

It looks like somebody jumped a gun (*ahem*, Deadline) as they’re now reporting that Maggie, the John Scott 3-penned spec script about the six-week metamorphosis of a 16-year-old teenage girl into a zombie, is back on the market.

The spec was close to a deal (although reported as a fact) with Timur Bekmambetov, but they now report that the exclusive negotiation has ended without a deal in place.

Bekmambetov planned to produce a film that comes with vfx wiz Henry Hobson set to direct.

The update is that there are three parties now circling a project, which has a $5 million budget.

As previously reported, “Maggie is a 16-year old girl from a town in middle America who becomes infected by a zombie.” Much the way that Danny Boyle changed the lumbering zombie stereotype by speeding up the undead in 28 Days Later, Maggie changes the lightning quick infection period evident in most zombie films, where victims become zombies in minutes. It will take six months for Maggie to turn, and the film tracks the transformation as she stays with her family.



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