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Game Not Over: Could ‘Saw’ Creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell Return to Franchise?

Last October Lionsgate swore up and down that they were releasing Jigsaw’s final game in Saw 3D. With that, and to the dismay of some fans, the finale didn’t quite close the door, and left things wide open.

Over the years, franchise creators James Wan (director) and Leigh Whannell (writer/star) have been extremely open about their desires to return to the games they created back in 2004. In fact, Wan has stated that the first film was only 30% what he envisioned (budget and time affected it).

With the release of Insidious, Wan and Whannell spoke with IGN about their desire to end the game “right”, so to speak.

And before I send you off to watch the video, did anybody else notice the Billy (the puppet) drawing in the background of the classroom in the duo’s Insidious? Yup, it’s there and rocks a drawing of a #8 underneath. Food for thought.

Video inside, and then, TALK!



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