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Quick Thoughts: Pilot Episode for Paranormal ‘Pumpkin Morgue’

Drawing influence from British comedy like “League of Gentlemen” and “Spaced”, “Pumpkin Morgue Paranormal Investigators” is a mock ghost hunting web series created by James Branscome and Morgan Rae.

The pilot runs in two segments, each roughly 13 minutes long. After that, there is an additional four episodes at approximately 3 minutes apiece. As I sat through the first four episodes of PMPI, I thought I could get more laughs watching Ghost Hunters’ Steve Gonsalves in a room full of spiders. I am versed in British pop culture (Frost and Pegg of Spaced are on my backup list of baby daddies), but I honestly didn’t see much influence from the above. I mean, I guess if I squint I could. The first few episodes are a bit bland. There is overuse of techniques that seem to shout “I went to film school!” and a running joke with one member’s band playing Thursday nights at a bar.

However, episode five is quite phenomenal. I encourage you to check it out and decide for yourself, but my suggestion to the makers is MORE SAUSAGE. I am sure I speak for all women when I say the more crude the sexual masturbatory humor, the better.

In conclusion, it’s not that this web series isn’t any good. It is. It just seems to be trying really hard. Maybe that’s the point? I just felt I sat there waiting for something that never came…but then again, that’s what paranormal investigating shows do to you – right?

Perhaps, in that respect, Pumpkin Morgue Paranormal Investigators has a lot of potential.

You can check out Pumpkin Morgue at the film’s official website.



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