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Dimension Films Teases Potential Fifth ‘Scream’

Released on April 15, Dimension Films’ Scream 4, directed by Wes Craven, has pulled in a measly $36 million domestic ($87 worldwide), a far cry from what was expected on just the opening weekend.

I was a fan, it appears many of you were a fan, so it would be a shame to see the buck stop here. Thankfully, Dimension could be pre-selling a fifth film at this week’s Cannes market.

How much do you love @Scream4? How badly do you want #Scream5? Come up with a clever tweet and we’ll RT!” exclaimed the official Dimension Films Twitter.

This obviously doesn’t mean a fifth movie is in the works (it could be just some low level assistant building up Twitter followers), but it definitely some food for thought. Where would you like to see the franchise go from here?



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