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David Rutsala Prepares for Apocalyptic ‘Z-Day’

New York screenwriter David Rutsala takes his first step into international film-making with his co-writing credit on the feature Days of Grace (Dias de Gracia), screening this month at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Rutsala is attempting to leave the clandestine world of development by taking over the producing reins of his next project: A zombie film he wrote called Z-Day. At first blush a zombie film may seem miles away from the gritty realism of Days of Grace. But Rutsala begs to differ.

Yes, this is full on Zombie film. And we hope it’ll be as exciting as any zombie film. But it’s also a serious picture. A political picture. And it explores one of the hottest issues of our day: Immigration.

Although Z-Day is in the early stages of pre-production Rutsala’s production schedule remains hectic. In addition to the aforementioned projects, Rutsala is also developing several TV projects, and putting the finishing touches on a spec script which he describes as “the picture people have been wanting me to write for years”.



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