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Yup, They’re Making a Sequel to ‘Monsters’

U.K. shingle-distrib Vertigo Films has announced it is making a sequel to last year’s Brit click Monsters, with promo duo Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas set to helm.

Gareth Edwards, who directed the first installment, will serve as exec producer along with “Monsters” actor Scoot McNairy and Vertigo’s Rupert Preston.

The sequel, budgeted under $5 million (the first installment was budgeted under $1 million), will shoot in September in a foreign location, maybe Argentina. Bonacorso, a U.S. docmaker, and Atlas a shorts guru, have been jointly shooting commercials and short films prior to being brought aboard the project.

We’re going to keep the same quality and intelligence of the first film and make it much more of a straight genre picture,” said Niblo. “ ‘Monsters 2’ will expand the world created in the original movie whilst upping the action ante.” Good.

Niblo describes the tale, set in a walled city, as a “Heart of Darkness” story about two brothers finding each other in a world of monsters. He adds that the variety of aliens will differ in the next installment.



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