U.S. Trailer for IFC Films’ ‘We Are the Night’

It was announced last week that IFC Films acquired Dennis Gansel’s We Are the Night, “a sexy and suspenseful thriller about a young woman initiated into a trio of beautiful female vampires.

The film is making its way to U.S. audiences following commercially successful runs in Europe and will have nationwide VOD releases and a limited theatrical run. It will be released theatrically in New York City in rep on May 27th at the prestigious ReRun arthouse theater and will be available nationwide on video-on-demand beginning May 25th.

While we’ve had international footage, a U.S. trailer has just been release.

Dennis Gansel, director of the critically acclaimed THE WAVE, explores a seething dark side of Berlin in the WE ARE THE NIGHT. Following a sect of seductive female vampires that hide out in the city’s alternative clubs, enjoying the luxury and pleasures their attained immortality provides them and wreaking horror on a string of unsuspecting victims, the film is a brilliantly stylized vision of the classic vampire myth — a sensual, charismatic thrill ride fascinated with all aspects of the night.