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BD Review: ‘We Are the Night’ Forgettable

Opening tomorrow on VOD from IFC Films is Dennis Gansel’s We Are the Night, “a sexy and suspenseful thriller about a young woman initiated into a trio of beautiful female vampires.” It will be released theatrically in New York City in rep on May 27 at the prestigious ReRun arthouse theater alongside VOD.

David Harley wasn’t a big fan: “ ‘We Are The Night’ is as conventional as possible, with Gansel and Jan Berger’s screenplay eschewing ingenuity for premises and scenes that were more easily stolen from other films. The concoction they managed to throw together – which was reportedly rewritten because it resembled ‘Twilight’ a little too much – is bland and forgettable, proving that just because the ideas seen at play in vampire films are becoming as immortal as the creatures themselves, it doesn’t mean they should be.

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Dennis Gansel, director of the critically acclaimed THE WAVE, explores a seething dark side of Berlin in the WE ARE THE NIGHT. Following a sect of seductive female vampires that hide out in the city’s alternative clubs, enjoying the luxury and pleasures their attained immortality provides them and wreaking horror on a string of unsuspecting victims, the film is a brilliantly stylized vision of the classic vampire myth — a sensual, charismatic thrill ride fascinated with all aspects of the night.



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