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News Bites: ‘Human Centipede’ Squirms in UK, ‘Fright Night 2’ Talk and ‘Ghost Rider’s Huge Comic-Con Reveal

While I’m sure that IFC Midnight will go unrated with Tom Six’s The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence here in the States, the UK is waiting on some rating confirmation before a distributuion deal is struck. Screen Daily reports that UK outfit Eureka Entertainment is waiting on the BBFC’s (British Board of Film Classification) analysis of Six’s sequel that the director claimed would make the controversial first film “look like My Little Pony” in comparison. Six’s original garnered buzz in part thanks to its shocking premise – the film follows a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, anus to mouth, to form a human centipede. Providing it gets the green light from the BBFC, Eureka Entertainment will handle the film’s UK distribution on behalf of Bounty Films. The story line to the sequel has largely been kept under wraps, but the film was shot in London with an almost entirely British cast and will feature a centipede with 12 people involved. The tagline for the sequel is “100% medically inaccurate.

One of the funniest stories to break this week is Cinema Blend‘s claim that “a source” told them that DreamWorks is thinking “franchise” with their forthcoming remake of Fright Night 3D. Anyone working in the industry will tell you that if a film performs, a sequel will quickly go into development. Not to say this report is shill, it’s just “DUH” times a million (maybe even a trillion). What they add is that if a sequel were to happen, DreamWorks is considering turning the franchise over to David Tennant – who plays Vegas magician Peter Vincent- for Fright Night 2. The followup would take place in a new city where Vincent not only has to deal with vampires, but potentially other unexpected problems. Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plass) wouldn’t be the movie’s villain, they’d go another direction, but Evil Ed will be in it, they claim. The R-rated Fright Night hits theaters August 19.

Those of you attending this July’s San Diego Comic-Con you might want to get in line now (otherwise you won’t get in the over crowded room) to catch the first footage from Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor revealed on Twitter that there will be a huge reveal: “can’t wait to reveal the evolved GR…… comicon seems like a year away.” adding, “not sure where the last one came from, but this GR comes from nightmares.” Even with Nicolas Cage reprising his role as Johnny Blaze, the duo promise a much darker adaptation of the popular Marvel comic. The 3-D flick arrives in theaters February 17, 2012.
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