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The Countdown Begins for ‘The Market Street 6’

Michael Costanza, who took the indie horror genre by storm with TheCollingswood Story, returns to his crafty roots by unearthing found footage for his upcoming feature film The Market Street 6.

Set in San Francisco, “The Market Street 6” chronicles the final hours of six people who become stranded when the subway they’re riding supposedly breaks down. Forced to blow the train the passengers band together to locate the nearest emergency exit…

Tapping into our primal fears and presenting them in a unique way is a challenge for any low budget filmmaker,” explains Costanza. “Looking back on all the horror greats from PSYCHO to HALLOWEEN, EVIL DEAD to BWP, even fast forwarding to the brilliant INSIDIOUS — all were produced on a slim budget. I firmly believe that working with limited resources can work to our advantage as we are forced to bemore creative — to completely tap into a nightmarish realm and as a result create work that’s all the more terrifying. Less is more. That’s exactly what inspires me as a filmmaker.

Watch the official website for news soon.



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