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Horror In Your House: June 21st, 2011

Another week of releases is upon us and this week is full of B and C grade stuff. Anchor Bay leads the way with a couple of films that are disturbingly bad in Growth and The Rig. All the way from India hails a pioneering horror film in Haunted 3D. And the loveable Asylum studios teamed up with Image Entertainment to distribute Mega Python vs. Gatoroid to the masses of bad movie lovers. Hope you have a great week. And a happy belated Father’s day to all of you Dads out there.
Horror In Your House
June 21st, 2011

BLACK RAT – Tokyo Shock

Six classmates receive an e-mail from Asuka, who they thought had committed suicide, asking them to meet up later that night. But when a person wearing a bloody rat mask surprises them and begins a ferocious attack, the students realize that someone is out for revenge!

BUNNYMAN – Osiris Entertainment

“Bunnyman” is the story of a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas, and while driving through the remote regions of southern California they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five ton dumptruck and, when looking for help, stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.” The title killer, described as having been severely abused as a child, is now an adult with manifestations of intense rage and child-like taunting behavior. He dresses in a bunny suit as something of a security blanket for his fragile psyche.

DING DONG DEAD – Creepersin Films

Doug, a thirty-something who has just lost his job, goes off the deep end when he is terrorized by a group of young girls who call themselves the Ding Dong Ditchers. The D.D.D. has made an art of ringing doorbells in the night and running away leaving the person answering the door all alone and dumbfounded. This is the straw the breaks Doug’s back. Doug fights back and takes no prisoners.


Experimenting in hypnotic regression to past lives, Dr. Edmund Redding has discovered that Ann Taylor is a reincarnated Aztec woman. Via her recovered memories, she is able to lead Redding and his associates to a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Yucatan, where they hope to find the lost treasure of the Aztecs. Instead, they find two mummified bodies – one of a modern man and the other of an ancient Aztec mummy/werewolf and only one is still alive. The supernatural creature escapes and menaces the city that night…

GROWTH (Blu-ray) – Anchor Bay

In 1989, a breakthrough in Advanced Parasitic Development at the Cuttyhunk Island Research Facility led to a mysterious outbreak that killed most of the center’s staff and the island’s residents. Twenty years later, a young woman who fled the original epidemic has returned with a group of friends to sell her family’s property. But a new breed of parasite may have evolved and survived. They are fast moving. They can slither into or out of any orifice in the human body.

MICAH SAYS: I bet this is as terrible on Blu as it was on DVD. It is responsible, however, for the phrase, “I just want to go to my room and tickle my accordion” entering my lexicon. The best part, for me, was an appearance by Richard Riehle, known for always being awesome.

HAUNTED 3D – DAR Motion Pictures

‘Haunted’ is a compelling story, set in the misty mountains of Dalhousie that revolves around Glen Manor, a sprawling mansion with a secret past and a haunted present. The protagonist Rehan visits Glen Manor to complete a transaction, involving its sale that his father had initiated and which is now under a cloud due to certain mysterious incidents. What he does not bargain for is that while he is trying to do so he discovers a Secret and falls in love with it. What he does not bargain for is that the Secret catapults him to the biggest challenge and question of his life.

MICAH SAYS: Billed as the first stereoscopic 3D film made in India. The director is noted for having recently created a successful Indian horror trilogy shortly before tackling the wonders of three dimensional film making. I wonder if there are song and dance routines, as is customary in Bollywood films, as well. Either way, I MUST find a way to see this film.


A true horror anthology containing perverse stories detailing serial killers stalking the local townspeople. A couple retreat home to have sex after meeting at a nightclub. Following their steamy lovemaking, they start to talk about the psychopathic local serial killers they have heard about. The first is about a killer who kidnaps a woman to torture her in as many sick and perverse ways possible. The second story follows a madman who has escaped a mental asylum. In the third installment a crazed filmmaker goes out of his way to create the sickest and most perverse film possible.

MEGA PYTHON VS. GATOROID (DVD / Blu-ray) – Image Entertainment

It’s a battle of the beasts from the director of Pet Sematary that’ll rock your world when two titanic terrors face off along with a pair of `80s pop icons! After doctor and activist Nikki Riley (Debbie Gibson) accidentally unleashes a python into the Everglades, rival doctor Terry O’Hara (Tiffany) is tasked with finding an expert reptile hunter–and when her boyfriend dies in the process, she resorts to extreme measures to create genetically enlarged gators to stop the slithering menace. Soon the swamp is a huge, scaly battleground between colossal gators and pythons — with a charity ball of potential human snacks in their path! Don’t miss this mammoth spectacle of teen queens and man-eating monsters in a gargantuan duel to the death!

MICAH SAYS: The best of the Mega things attacking things from the folks over at Asylum studios. This one had their biggest budget to date – enough money to get not one, but two former mall pop singer to “star.” I am going to make this my pick of the week because it’s the only movie here that I would gladly watch more than once.

PSYCHO HOLOCAUST – Independent Entertainment

Eager for one final vacation before their lives change forever, six friends embark upon a camping trip to a remote mountainous area. By nightfall, their lives WILL change forever…in ways too horrific to imagine. For in the shadows awaits a pack of the most evil, vicious rejects of humanity, addicted to violence and thirsty for blood! This is Psycho Holocaust…

THE RIG (Blu-ray) – Anchor Bay

Miles offshore, the skeleton crew aboard Weyland’s Drilling’s “Charlie” Rig is preparing to ride out an oncoming storm. But 4,000 feet below, their drills have mistakenly unleashed a different kind of terror: its strength is inhuman. It slaughters without mercy. And it is hunting the stranded team one by one. Now, deep within the labyrinth of oil platform passageways, a group of tough-as-nails drillers must find a way to destroy a monster that lives to kill . . . or die trying.

MICAH SAYS: Exceptionally bad in a not fun way to watch. Poor William Forsythe. I actually felt a bit ashamed for him.



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