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TV: Major Casting News for ‘True Blood’ and ‘Walking Dead’

TV Line has two casting scoops from some of the hottest horror on TV. First up, the first official new face to join AMC’s second season of “The Walking Dead”. Pruitt Taylor Vince (Constantine, NBK, Drive Angry 3D, Identity) has landed the recurring role of “Otis,” a foreman at Hershel’s Farm, where much of the Season 2 action is set to take place. Vince’s character is described as good-natured and polite, this despite the rather harrowing (read: near-deadly) circumstances under which he first meets Rick, Lori et al.

In other cabler news, Scott Foley is joining the cast of HBO’s “True Blood” in a major recurring role that will kick off in the Season 4 finale and, assuming the show gets renewed, continue into Season 5. He will tackle the role of “Patrick,” a tough and ruggedly attractive old army buddy of Terry’s (Todd Lowe) who pays him a visit. “True Blood” begins this Sunday, June 26.
Pictured: Scott Foley, left, and Pruitt Taylor Vince



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