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‘Black Swan’ Team Reunite for ‘XOXO’

Fans of Darren Aronofsky get ready for horrific hugs and kisses as the Black Sawn director is co-producing XOXO with Swan co-writer and co-producer Mark Heyman.

‘XOXO’ tells of a twentysomething man who meets a female contemporary on Facebook and begins a digital relationship with her, only to find the object of his affections take the relationship to an obsessed and stalker-y place. Think “Fatal Attraction” (but with Facebook),” writes the LA Times.

XOXO, which makes use of streaming video and other social-media platforms in addition to Facebook, also evokes the documentary Catfish in its exploration of slippery digital identities (The letter-centric title is, of course, a reference to affectionate, and potentially creepy, online sign-offs.)

The script is now being circulated in Hollywood, including to numerous genre labels, as it seeks financing and distribution.



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