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Eerie First Imagery from ‘Lilith’

Filmmaker Sridhar Reddy quietly shot a new indie horror pic by the name of Lilith, which stars Bitch Slap hottie Julia Voth.

Details are extremely slim, although the blog provided a few images and clues.

I came across a treatment I had written that I based loosely upon one of my favorite books from high school, ‘Dante Aligheri’s The Divine Comedy: The Inferno,’ ” he explained. “The concept was to have a large, creepy building where each floor served as a ring of hell, and Satan was in a chest freezer in the basement morgue. The concept was vague and lacked a clear protagonist and antagonist (hell is a force of antagonism, not an an antagonist itself), and by nature The Inferno was a passive, observational story, but something about it felt right. Can’t really tell you why, but it did. After many days of soul searching, I decided, for better or worse, that this was the story I was going to pursue.



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