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Newly Added Reviews: ‘Bloody Birthday,’ ‘Ironclad’ & ‘All About Evil’

Now on DVD from Severin is the long lost 1981 classic Bloody Birthday, which David Harley and Tim Anderson have been raving about. “‘Bloody Birthday’ could have only been made in the 80s. It has an incredible amount of violence, tons of gratuitous nudity and it just flat-out makes no sense for most of its runtime…” Click the title for the entire review.

Arriving in limited theaters this Friday (and already on VOD) is the insanely violent Ironclad, which sounds more like a mixed bag, thanks to Bloody’s Brian Orndorf: “After a rousing opener, the picture settles into a routine of exposition and conflict that weakens the overall pace.

Lastly, Lauren Taylor chimes in with her emphatic thoughts on Joshua Grannell’s self-released All About Evil, which she says is a pretty fantastic little film: “The gore is just as described – Lewis meets Waters. And if you’ve ever seen the classic Mr. Bean episode where he gets the turkey stuck on his head, just wait until the climax of ‘Evil’ for an over the top version.

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