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Trio of Clips from IFC’s Vampires,’ Now On Demand



Not to be confused with the Sundance selection Vampire, IFC Midnight recently announced the release of their Vampires, a fresh, biting comedy from Belgian director Vincent Lannoo. They say it’s like Spinal Tap meets The Munsters, Benelux-style! We’ve now got a look at a trio of clips inside.

In the hilarious, satirical ‘Vampires’, a documentary film crew introduces us to husband and wife Georges and Bertha and their children Samson and Grace, a family of vampires living in suburban Belgium. They feed on illegal immigrants and former prostitutes (referred to as “meat”) and attend gatherings with other vampires in the same district. Georges is a bit creepy, Bertha a little unhinged, and Grace is trying to kill herself (which, as an immortal vampire, she can’t), but otherwise they seem like a normal family. But when the partying son Samson is caught having sex with the wife of the district vampire leader, the family is exiled (under Vampire Law, handed down from Count Dracula) to Canada, where a vampire’s life is a lot less protected.

The comedy will be available nationwide on demand from IFC Midnight, via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Time Warner, and Bright House starting July 1st.



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