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Campbell Goes Back To The Drawing Board For ‘My Name Is Bruce’ Sequel

With all the Evil Dead talk going on these past few days, it’s kind of hard to think of Bruce Campbell in regards to anything else. But, I guess that’s why the original My Name Is Bruce was made to begin with. I don’t know which Campbell aficionados liked the flick – it was poorly written and he played himself as the most unlikable anti-hero ever – but there must be a fan base out there because sequel talks started almost immediately. Campbell recently sat down with Vulture to explain what the hold up is with My Name Is Bruce 2, which was supposed to start production during his next Burn Notice break.

“Well, the script sucked. We’ve got to start all over again. Your script is your blueprint. If your blueprint is off, your building is going to be, too. In the old days, I wouldn’t have even known what a bad script was. But now I have a better idea and I know that you actually can’t fix a bad script. With a great script, you can get a lousy actor and he’ll still be good in it. But a lousy script, you can get Laurence Olivier and it’ll still suck. So we’re working on it. We don’t want to piss people off. You make a sequel, people have expectations.

A bad script, eh? Too bad they didn’t realize that before they went into production on the first one. I love Bruce, so I sincerely hope he gets it right this time.



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